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Micro-lens perspective Maked_Amu Buy:Omaha/Texas holdem poker analyzer, plastic marked card, hidden video glasses, scanning lens, surveillance video system
  AMU BUY LLC: New Iphone/MDA/AMU Texas/Omaha/Capado hold'em Poker Analyzer
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  • Micro-lens colored cards car keys
  • Micro-lens colored cards car keys
    Goods Brief:Micro-lens colored cards car keys Remote wireless receiver can be transmitted through the background monitor, type of car keys through the observation of micro color camera color poker cards and digital cards, receive a clear video images from up to 50c
  • $ 750.00
  • Black Box Mini Remote Lens
  • Black Box Mini Remote Lens
    Goods Brief:Black box lens scanning marker card Rechargeable lithium battery: -3-5 hours of working time, they can always replace the battery The black box lens, dual function can be accessed by cable, you can use the wireless feature
  • $ 1680.00
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