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Q: Amu Buy quality goods are sold by the company product? With after-sales warranty?
A: Amu Buy quality goods are sold by the company products are comes with a machine-printed invoices. With Amu Buy company invoice, all goods manufacturers can enjoy the service. Amu Buy three packs of the company will strictly follow the state policy for the sale of goods to fulfill the warranty, replacement and return obligations. You can also go to any branch sale Amu Buy the Ministry of the company to enjoy the service.
Q: Purchase of goods able to open the invoice? If it is purchased, you can open VAT invoice?
A: Amu Buy quality goods are sold by the company products, each order comes with a machine-printed all the "special invoices of goods", the invoice for reimbursement vouchers can be used as units. Invoice will be issued together with the parcel, the amount of the invoice amount including Shipping.
Enterprise customers in the provision of "general taxpayer certificate", "business license" and "tax registration certificate", "account permits" copies of four documents, you can get VAT invoices to the Amu Buy open, after a good start, Amu Buy companies sent to you by courier. See Invoice Help>>
Q: What is the status of various stocks mean? How long can ship orders?
A: Spot: stock of goods, after the order is shipped as soon as possible, you can immediately order;
    In transit: Goods are within picking, usually 1-2 days of shipment, you can order now;
    Book: Goods are ordered, usually 1-6 days after the order can be shipped, you can immediately order;
    No goods: Goods are sold out, and the corresponding logistics center within the area covered under the single user can not buy.
Q: When can non-commodity goods arrive?
A: The arrival time is not available under the rationing of goods in different circumstances, can not be accurately estimated, but you can use the "notice of arrival" function, once the goods are goods, we will notify you by e-mail.
Q: When will the next single after the receipt of goods?
A: In the case of goods in stock, global customers, orders usually processed within 24 hours after the order;
Other parts of the user, based on your shipping address and choice of distribution methods vary, the general arrival time in 1-7 days (very remote areas may take longer delivery time);
If the goods ordered or in transit in the state, then the goods should be added to the deployment time.
Q: What is DHL?
A: According to different customers around the world region, DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, etc. express different charges, according to different fees notice.
Q: What credit card online payment support? Support the large payment it?
A: We provide you with almost all banks and credit card online payment bank card, as long as you open the "online payment" feature, you can pay online, no fees, real-time arrived, convenient and quick. (If the customer cancel the order the reasons for a refund, you need to take 1% of the platform to charge customers)
Q: When can specify the delivery of single time?
A: Yes, you can choose the next single, "only days delivery (weekends, holidays and do not send)", "working days, weekends and holidays can deliver," "only weekend, holiday delivery (working days do not get ) "wait for time to type and choose whether to call in advance to confirm.
In addition, you can fill out the order notes more specific needs, we will try to accommodate your request.
Q: The problem can be refused receipt found it?
A: The sign for the goods if the goods are found damaged, please refuse to return my company, the relevant staff will help you re-arrange delivery.
Q: after the order, what can I do?
A: If the online payment, please complete the payment as soon as possible until the payment is confirmed we will immediately ship to you,
If you choose to self-mention or cash on delivery, you can enter the "My Account" in the "Order List" to find your order, and then view the order processing status at any time and do come from the receipt or preparation mentioned.
After the success of your shopping, you can publish product evaluation, use of goods to other users to share experiences.
Q: Why can not I login?
A: The first thing to check your user name and password are correct, verify that your browser supports COOKIE.
Q: What do I do after the order is confirmed?
A: According to the order should be suggested by the actual amount of remittances, remittance to the order in which the company account, the remittance transaction is successful, landing the "My Account" to view your order, in the order of the "remittance Remarks", enter your related remittance information (example: Hui Ruxing, our bank account to import the actual amount, transfer date and import account number, order number, etc.), waiting for our finance staff confirm the remittance.
Q: How long after payment confirmation to send the goods?
A: The normal circumstances would be 24-48 hours at work can send your goods.
Q: Does not the quality of the goods themselves can return?
A: some of the goods sold without affecting the second case, the additional return a certain fee, it can handle the returns, please see "Return Policy"
Q: Where can I fill in the remittance information?
A: First, in Amu Buy Home of the "Member Login" enter your user name and password to login, login and click the "My Account", click on the left side of the "order center," to see to all your orders, click on the remittance order behind the "View", scroll down after opening, the "payment information is not complete, please fill out as soon as possible." one, which fill in the remittance information directly and then submit to the relevant personnel in receipt of your payment check information will be verified, without objection, the remittance will be confirmed within three working hours to complete, if the problem, relevant staff will phone with you.
Q: What advice the details of goods?
A: Please lower the commodity page "buy consultation" at the question, relevant product administrator for your reply.
Q: Which online payment?
A: In Amu Buy Home of the "Member Login" enter your user name and password to login, login and click the "My Account", after entering the left side, click "online payment", click enter after the line can be paid. ,
Q: Can I transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer it?
A: Yes, you need to sell to our customer service E-mail: Payment@Amu Advisory: payee name, address, country, city, zip code; submit your password or money order number, customer service staff to help us confirm your remittances;
    Western Union: 5 minutes to reach our designated payee account
    MoneyGram money transfer: 15 minutes to reach our designated payee account
Q: The working hours?
A: Customer Service Center received hotline and order processing time for 7x24 hours a day;
Provide reception from Monday to Sunday 9:00-19:00.
Note: In case of national holidays, places Amu Buy holiday company press release based on the time, please will concern.
Q: How to fight back to the bank card refund?
A: Complaint Center message related information, such as bank cards Bank (details to the branch), account name, card number, relevant personnel will be handled for you, a refund period depending on whether your goods may be issued, if the goods have not been out library issued, refunds will be completed within three working days; if the goods have been issued, you need to return the goods after our logistics center for your refund.
Q: packaging problem?
A: I sent the Secretary to package goods by hand, before receipt of goods without charge by our company, such as found in the receipt of goods or other aspects of the packaging is damaged, please call our customer service directly E-MAIL: sales@Amu, customer service staff will help you out.
Q: How to turn into a successful auction order?
A: In Amu Buy Home of the "Member Login" enter your user name and password to login, login and click the "My Account" and enter the left side and click the "My Auctions" in the "operation" at a "turn into Order "button, click the button to turn into orders, and in the left side of the" order center "can be found to the orders, and merchandise orders, you can pay directly.
Q: What is the gift card? Whether the general audience, can offset shipping costs?
A: Amu Buy gift card is issued by a Amu Buy exclusive gifts for friends and relatives in a certain period of time between the consumption of electronic gift cards, with "all the goods the lowest, value for money", "National distribution, quick and easy "," unlimited general, people-oriented "," simple fashion, on-demand and rule "and other four major advantages.
Amu Buy gift card is universal audience can be used simultaneously with other activities; Amu Buy gift card arrived in shipping. >> More Gift Card FAQ
Q: The payment order, if for a long time not receive goods, can I apply for a refund?
A: directly by a third party courier company delivered the orders, such as DHL / EMS express delivery, shipping time from counting more than 10 days have not received goods or receiving address is out of the area covered by third-party courier, express delivery by a third party transfer EMS, such as EMS, DHL switch from counting more than 20 days delivery time for goods not received, please call Customer Service E-mail:, the customer service staff to apply for your refund.
Q: If I have questions or suggestions can feedback to you via email?
A: Yes. Amu Buy suggestions or complaints the company received mail is:


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