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April 2011 listing of new product description: Texas hold'em, Omaha poker_Texas poker analyzer_Amu Buy:Omaha/Texas holdem poker analyzer, plastic marked card, hidden video glasses, scanning lens, surveillance video system
  AMU BUY LLC: New Iphone/MDA/AMU Texas/Omaha/Capado hold'em Poker Analyzer
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April 2011 listing of new product description: Texas hold'em, Omaha poker

Texas Omaha hold'em poker analyzer has two versions of
Texas Omaha hold'em poker analyzer is based on international standards, rules of the game after three years of technology development and research company, through the use of customer feedback continuously update the system source code system proposed in the April 26, 2011 release market, according to the game and rules for licensing the number of players, while players from the dealer to send each order of poker cards; competition rules and then switch to the international game play can also be customized according to customer request only version or the various national language version.

1.Texas Omaha Standard Edition: five cards to send public license
2.Texas OmahaPro: send community cards before the cut card, and then send three cards (winning numbers), and then cut a card to send (the turn), then a reduction of a card, send (and licensing ), sending five common cards completed.

Notes: VIP advanced version of the operating system contains two kinds of double: TEXAS HOLD'EM, OMAHA POKER GAMES, can receive two players Stealth headphones sound, three-year product quality assurance, the task enjoy the products and product upgrades for free after-sales service support updates ; free updates and hardware maintenance, replacement of new products, services, 24-hour online customer service support.

1. Poker card security code is the result of laser Maked, it is only through our company's dedicated micro lens (phone , Lighters, watches Class Machinable production), after scanning Maked card (scan time: 0.1 ~ 0.5 seconds), issued a directive to the system host, through the invisible micro ear Reported a sound machine, transfer to the players ear, reported the biggest winner.

Report card by:
1) Optional: headphones received by stealth, report the location of the largest players winners
2) Optional: headphones received by stealth, at the order position of each player, reached the hands of each player the size of the card

System Configuration:
1) The host system 1 set
2) Stealth headphones 1
3) Watch mobile phone camera or lens, lighter lenses, lens wallet, ashtray one more shot (optional)
4) free poker card processing Maked 20 (customer must provide a picture or the card for you, our mail processing this maked
5) single simple operation, process automation processing, micro-portable host system with the physical appearance.

About products:
And rules on the number of product technology and size, distance requirements and other data, please contact customer service description or Order online

Related Video:
Can refer to our website or by video presentation part Search: "texas hold'em poker analyzer" "Omaha hold'em poker analyzer"keyword, the search for this demo video viewing

Warning: This product images and related text, or the relevant trademark authority vested in the original production, providing entertainment products, only use for home entertainment venues, such as violation of the local national laws, the use of losses of the company's products or consequences from the Users assume all responsibility.

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