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Laptop Analyzer poker scanner_new_Amu Buy:Omaha/Texas holdem poker analyzer, plastic marked card, hidden video glasses, scanning lens, surveillance video system
  AMU BUY LLC: New Iphone/MDA/AMU Texas/Omaha/Capado hold'em Poker Analyzer
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Laptop Analyzer poker scanner

 Poker laptop scanning instrument:

10 players by poker cards, a second time quickly transferred to the background CT scanning laptop, the results obtained, reported bythe remote stealth wireless headphones, then sends it to the frontplayers to wear headphones stealth players, you can get the latestfruits of victory.
Hardware configuration:
1) a notebook computer, 1280X768 pixel resolution, increasedprocessor and memory capacity, rapid scanning software operation
2) a set of poker software analyzers, distribution of a cryptographic hardware
3) Remote Wireless remote control transmitter / receiver one, thiscan be adjusted by remote computer scanned image is clear,accurate and 100% of poker cards
4) If the remote wireless device reported a stealth, range of up to100 meters
5) a stealth headset, receive clear signal and sound
6) a cell phone camera can be remote or so, to capture pokercards, poker cards for the distance to 50cm, more long-distance or other players can choose to configure the lens: the lens cuff, clotheslenses, lighter lenses, lens drinking fountains, murals lens Etc.
7) Poker Card Scan tag can be processed to provide plastic pokercards poker cards and paper size options
Annex configurations: lithium battery, charger, 12 volt power supply, 9-volt high-voltage battery, the box
Transportation: by DHL / TNT / EMS, urban transport free of chargefor express delivery, in remote areas need to pay additional transport costs.
Payment: By Western Union / MoneyGram or by online paymentservice PAYPAL, after receiving the money, exactly three days to send items to designated areas

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