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Stealth Perspective glasses

Stealth Perspective glasses: First Grade Stealth Perspective glasses, product quality as one, two, three, fourproducts, customers, product performance and price according tothis perspective difference between the quality and selection ofglasses Order Use of the process according to the level of Director or thedifference between wearing time and the poker cards and mahjongon the class mark recognition rigid plastic Perspective


White Stealth Perspective glasses

 Lens parameters

Center Thickness: 0.04mm

Life cycle: 1 year

Production label: 996,818

Packing: 2 pcs / box

Material: chorg

Water content: 37.2%

Oxygen permeability coefficient: 6.8DK

Degree: 0 degrees

Diameter: 14.5mm

Base Curve (ie, curvature): 8.5

Other features: White Perspective

Environmental requirements: White Energy Saving Lamp

Gambling is now mainly used for white light glasses to bring out thousands of white glasses as long as you can see all the white poker cards, white mahjong

White Stealth Perspective glasses glasses, also known as fluorescence imaging, is one of security products

White glasses at different wavelengths of fluorescent lighting, fluorescence imaging showed different responses showed a long wave fluorescent color reaction, short the show another color fluorescence response.

Long-wave-type look at the external environment sub-light red (365 nm) and short-wave-type look at the external environment bluish red light (254 nm) of two white glasses, people's eyes to the light in this interval is not particularly sensitive, generally not clear or totally Less, in order to observe the excitation source must be a wavelength between 400 ~ 560μ m in the UV or red light.

White glasses products: filters, optical variable perspective glasses, win thousands of white glasses, white glasses are good quality, comfortable and ultra-thin, good quality white glasses, no side effects on people, but also one for the white Contact lenses entertainment magic lamp, the original poker wear the naked eye can not see the font white glasses to see, poker on the back of the word can be rendered invisible visible light colors, and light violet light irradiation Yanchao exactly the same principle, so Also used in the entertainment industry mahjong Poker


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